What to Do With Your Old Laptop? Instead of letting it sit idle in your home, why not try Boost PC ?​

If you’ve got an old laptop collecting dust in your home, you’re not alone. In a survey conducted last spring by the
Consumer Reports Survey Group, a quarter of the members who had purchased multiple laptops since 2014 confessed to letting one of those devices linger under the roof—unused—after it had
been replaced.

And that raises a good question: How do you go about finding a new use for an old laptop? With Boost PC you can bring back to life your old friend!

Your laptop may be slow, but that doesn't mean you need to replace it.

Through heavy use, your notebook will collect a ton of excess files and programs, not to mention some literal dust. The parts will age, and software updates will become more demanding.

But before you go computer shopping, there are a few things you should know about Boost PC and software fixes which you should try.

What’s worse than a computer crash?​

Having no one to bring your system back to life! When you need fast, efficient computer repair and laptop repair. Boost
PC is is a flash drive stick that you insert into an available USB port on your PC. Built on the proven foundation of Linux, it bypasses the old, slow, bloated Windows operating system to make your PC into a blazing fast, high performance PC with a new, simple to use, operating system that has the familiar look and feel of your Windows PC. It even works with missing or faulty hard drives. Since it runs on a USB stick, your existing computer is not altered, and youʼll have
access to all of your old files.